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About Baker Software Technologies

Robert Baker is Founder and CEO of Baker Software Technologies. BST is a small, specialized company active in Canada and internationally. Robert Baker and Associates provide consultation and collaboration on all aspects of Software Quality Assurance and Development based on defined best practices. 

As Principal, Robert has worked in Software Development and Quality Assurance for 21 years.  He created the Quality Assurance department at ZIM (Ottawa, Ontario), following ISO-9000 principles and practices. For 12 years, Robert evaluated multiple platforms and databases; across the entire testing spectrum. Specific accomplishments include: the development of a bug tracking system; a system for extracting functional requirements from end users, customers, marketing, etc. and translating those into detailed specifications; and the development of user acceptance procedures. He also was responsible for testing wireless and mail applications.

Baker Software Technologies has maintained network systems, provided technical support for national and international companies, developed software programs, converted databases across platforms, developed text messaging and computer apps and provided software and technical support for individual clients.   

Baker Software Technologies ensures that all services meet or exceed their client's specific requirements--with satisfaction  guaranteed.

Our mission is to efficiently and effectively provide proactive solutions and support to your specifications.